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Choose Your Own Adventure: The Game

First of all, I hope you are all still staying happy and healthy.

When I saw these games at Target, I did a little happy dance. I was a huge fan of the Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid. So, The House of Danger went into the cart because I figured it would be a fun game night with the household.

Holy banana. I was right.

This game plays just like the book series. As a group, you vote on decisions and participate in challenges. Sometimes your choices or challenge results allow you to grab clue cards that send the story in a new direction, give you an object that you can use later, or gives you a clue that could help save your life. The gameboard has danger points that affect your odds in challenges and a psychic scale that affects your ability to see the future and make decisions. The game is meant to be played in five sittings (one chapter per sitting), but we played the whole book through in an evening. It was a blast.

The one downside -- which is predictable -- is the game's limited replayability. The game does have multiple endings per chapter, so different story paths are possible, but you will have to re-read through some of the same parts to get there. So, this game will probably sit on my shelf looking pretty until enough time has passed that the story feels fresh again.

Until then? Well, there is a War with the Evil Power Master to win.

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