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Closet Archaeological Dig -- Game Boy Color/Games in Box

Holy crapola! I thought this was lost to time.

I still have the original Game Boy. I can't part with it. I got it brand new in 1989 for Christmas. That thing got me through the hour-long bus rides all the way through the end of high school. Hell, most days it was in my college backpack.

My Game Boy Color was an upgrade. It was gifted to me by my little brother. He saved up money from his first job to buy it for me for my birthday. And just like my original, I played the hell out it. I know I had a lot more games for it than this (most of my Nintendo property games are still MIA), but I honestly thought this was long gone. Yet, there it was in a box in my closet.

Unpacking these games, I had the following thoughts:

  1. There was a Dr. Evil game?

  2. Christ. I played that Catwoman game a lot.

  3. Spiderman, too.

  4. Ah. Yet another Zelda game I have not finished.

  5. Oh, Rampart. The perfect blend of war and Tetris.

  6. Shadowgate Classic! That soundtrack was bangin'!

  7. No one says bangin' anymore.

  8. Have I ever watched an episode of The Dukes of Hazzard? That seems like a prerequisite to owning this game.

  9. My brother and I were both well past the age that Matchbox Construction Zone would have been entertaining. And yet, here it is.

Now to find some batteries and power this bad boy up.

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