About Me

Hello, there. I’m Jenn.  Welcome to my strange little corner of the interwebs. To introduce myself, I thought I’d explain the whole Art. Arcades. Arachnids. thing. So, here is my story.


I was an artsy fartsy kid. I always had my nose in a sketchbook, usually drawing horror movie posters or video game box art. In my early 20s, I took some animation and video game development courses and made funny cartoons and games for my friends.

After grad school, it all stopped. 

Instead, I focused on another passion of mine, writing, which lead to my career. I am a freelance science writer for textbook companies, a job I absolutely love. But I never stopped thinking about animation and video game development. I always told myself I’d get back to both of them someday.


Since my life is apparently a made-for-TV movie, my “someday” came when I was slapped with a cancer diagnosis.


The surgery to remove my cancer was supposed to be a three-hour procedure. But at the three-hour point, my surgeon called my mother and told her that the tumor was much larger than she thought, and she wasn’t sure if she could get it out without causing permanent damage.  And then my mother had to wait three more hours alone in the hospital until I was out of the surgery.

(Yes. My mother will get triple the Mother’s Day gifts for the rest of her life for going through that.)

Ultimately, my surgeon (who is an absolute magician) got all the cancer out, and the surgery was successful. But my recovery was rough, to put it nicely. I couldn’t work full time for months, so to pass the time, I started drawing again for the first time in a over a decade.


Cancer, or any major illness for that matter, tends to be  giant reset button for your life. You realize what’s important and what’s not important. And I realized that art was important to me. I never stopped thinking like an artist. I always had ideas for games or cartoons, but I’d always shove them aside and say, “one day you’ll get back to it.” But, I’ll tell you, when cancer comes in and literally threatens your life, that someday quickly turns into today.


The problem? Well, as it turns out, technology has changed since I last did animation or game development.

How much has it changed, you ask?


The last animation I completed was filmed on a Super 8 film camera.


The last video game I finished was made on Klik & Play.


Yeah. It's been awhile.


That is why I started this blog. I’ve been taking classes in my free time to learn animation and game development using, you know, modern technology. And I wanted a place to post about my progress, and eventually share my projects. So, here we are.




Obviously, I like video games. And I'm going to talk about them here. 


I play a little bit of everything (and a LOT of horror and JRPGs).  But I have a soft spot for retro arcade games. See, I grew up when arcades were at their peak, and they were the place to hang out.  My first system was an Atari, which is still connected to my TV. (It’s quite the conversation starter next to the PS4.)  I’ve been loving the sheer number of retro arcade bars popping up around the country, so I’m going to post about the ones I visit on this site.

Just so we are on the same page, I do have three personal rules whenever I enter any arcade:

1. I cannot walk past a Millipede or a Qbert machine without playing them.

2. If I see a MAPPY machine, I will yell “MAPPY!” much to the embarrassment of everyone I’m with.

3. I have beaten Shh! Welcome to Frightfearland more times than I can count. Yet, if there is one in the arcade, I will not rest until I beat it again. Murderous clowns need to be stopped.

But the arachnids though?

Look, I like spiders. And other spider-like arachnids. And non-spider-like arachnids. If I had to do a Try Not to Awww! Challenge with tarantulas, I’d fail. HARD. To my eyeballs, tarantulas are fuzzy and adorable.

So, don’t freak out if you find spiders here. Or a few thousand spiders. Possibly descending from the ceiling above you. At night. While you are fast asleep. One will probably land in your mouth.  

I mean, when there are a thousand spiders coming down from the ceiling, the probability is pretty high that one is going to land in your piehole.

Especially if you snore.

If you don’t snore, one is probably going to go up your nose.

Sleep tight.  Don’t let the nose spiders bite. Or, the mouth spiders for that matter.